It is said that 97% of DNA is non-functioning. For numerous people with awakened consciousness, this dormant material is considered as a living data storage containing the instruction sets for our greater human potential.


 What is coded within our secret vault is a potential so vast that it boggles
the mind to think that something so profound could be so accessible. This is an unsurpassed potential of human brilliance, to the likes that the world has never known. It is activated by our very consciousness alone and merely by the way that we perceive life.

 Simply by shifting our perceptions, by coming into a new way to define our personal reality, we can override the carbon framework at the level of the nucleic acid bases in the DNA


Leading scientists are proving that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell. This includes the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

The bottom line here is that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our DNA. Positive shifts of perception and new feeling states trigger DNA activation. Moreover, when we consciously engage with the living intelligence of DNA, it gets majorly stimulated and starts pushing out the greater potential that is held within the latent code.

 Just as we are merely sequences of a four letter code (ATCG), the basis of life is very simple. We change and transform all the time. We are constantly redefining ourselves. From every one of these consciousness shifts, we are literally changing our code.

We have the ability to change in the wink of an eye if we can truly grasp these ideas and start acting from the full knowing of our higher capabilities. Our DNA programs are like snakes shedding old skins; we are constantly releasing old encodings. These encodings are merely stored impressions that can be reprogrammed. As we shift our perceptions, cell biology changes. Our vibration increases and the DNA base letters rearrange.

Everything on the planet is in great change. Electromagnetic currents are altering, the magnetic fields are shifting and many things are no longer being held down in their familiar place. We are getting unlock ed! This brings tremendous change to the biological body and the entire structure of our DNA encodement.energia del Toroide


 Quantum  HEALING


  • Quantum Healing INTERDIMENSIONAL without touching your body (option 1): In person or at a distance.
  • Design CONNECTION ON LIFETIME (option 2). It consists of two single sessions.

We are all energy. We are multidimensional beings vibrating energetically. Quantum Healing restores balance positively transforming your energy vibration that all living being possesses. It also restores emotional health, mind clarification, and connection of being, so welfare in your physical body is possible from this.

I provide you with a wide spectrum of harmonic frequencies. These interact with your aura and all its energy vortexes in your body:


    • reaching to the cell / DNA memory;
    • improving the interconnection of our electromagnetic system;
    • restoring the lost challenges of everyday life balance;
    • recognizing their need for each session you attend (if you prefer a distance treatment, it doesn’t matter where you’re located).
  • This inter-dimensional energy is not a force that is weakened by distance, therefore you always feel a subtle, usually relaxing, sensation, although at times one may feel a slightly disturbing feeling for a brief moment. This indicates that it is happening and the inner transformation is working for you. I just use my empty hands, fully focused.Irrespeenergy Healingctively, you will feel the magnetism being activated at a cellular level, experiencing quantum healing, something which cannot describe in words.This energy comes from higher planes of universal consciousness to those who open their minds and hearts, thus receiving complete healing. This doesn’t have relate or compare itself to any oriental healing technique, traditional symbols or ancient rituals.

The sessions take place in complete silence, with closed eyes, without shoes, without interruption, and without any equipment.

You will feel sensations and involuntary movements at every treatment, yet  experiences are very personal and vary from one session to another.

Runtime is  an hour  aprox. It is not needed to justify for which reason you had chosen to come to a particular session.

The treatment lends itself for people of all ages (including babies).

Benefits often will be perceived immediately during the subsequent hours or even days. These frequencies remain in the cellular memory for some time after the initial session. Three or more appointments will be needed at the initial stage. Regular sessions are recommended in chronic cases.

Your pet will also benefit from this regenerative energy, even in case of surgical procedures, as well as any other need (special sessions for each pet).


  • Immediate or short-term relief in people with chronic or moderate depression. Rebalancing for people with syndrome/disorder or bipolar crisis. Regular preventive sessions are recommended.
  • Chronic or recurrent migraine tends to disappear gradually. Bursitis greatly improves. Some cramping disappears and it also relieves ailments in joints of the hands and other body areas.
  • Promotes regeneration and recovery (tissue-related or for general healing) in post-surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons or in natural or cesarean postpartum processes.
  • Prevents cancer. During the early stages of some types of cancer the diagnosis was reversed: it actually disappeared! Cells communicate with one another via bio-photons and electrical pulses. Cancer in advanced stage switches off or extinguishes the photons and in the absence of communication cancer progresses rapidly. THE FREQUENCIES OF ENERGY THAT I SEND ARE RECOGNIZED BY SHIPPING CELLS as “weakened or sick”. With these sessions the cells are activated by reviving its light (it feels like a kind of inner tingling, change in temperature etc.). Afterwards, the self-healing is restored, stopping the advance of the invader.

German researcher Fritz Albert Popp, professor of physics at the University of Marburg, Federal Republic of Germany, just threw a new light on a subject that fascinates physicians, biologists and physicists: The emission of light radiation by the animal and plant cells has verified the existence of this natural process of living beings, described as a hypothesis so far, but it has highlighted the great importance this entails for the treatment of many diseases, among them cancer.





    • Substantial improvement in cases of Insomnia by means of emotional and mental processes during separation stress rupture or sentimental.
    • It attenuates the pain or crying experienced during phases of stress related to the loss or death of a loved one (pain of the soul).
    • It reassures in cases of uncertainty or apparently unjustified emotional inner fear (incomprehensible personal crisis).
    • It unlocks the main energy vortexes promoting increased libido or sexual energy for both sexes.
    • Supported the recovery of many other processes or personal life challenges  today, as well as some congenital conditions that have been mentioned by attending regular sessions.

    After several sessions most people manifest:

    • Physical improvements, significantly lowering pain, improved relaxation at  time of sleep.
    • Confidence towards life.
    • Sense of inner peace, flow of ideas and personal empowerment to address or resolve postponed situations. 
    • Decision making: start or restart life projects with surprising optimism.

The cost per session (connective healing) both physical presence or distance  sessions purchased in advance at CHF150.

Three sessions are recommended initially.


DISTANCE SESSIONS ARE POSSIBLE because the frequencies I emit go through the “unified field”. The unified field is a scientifically proven energy field that permeates and connects all, both in our world and in the universe. We, ourselves, are part of this highly dynamic field of interconnection and energy exchange. The more you avoid (or release) the need to be in control of the outcome, this self-intelligent, self-conscious self, and self-transcendent unified field, can actively permeate you, flowing through the body’s meridians through which the electrical impulses travel from one point to another, along the entire nervous system.